Promotional Mesures of Exim Policy of India.

Scheme for Assistance to States for Infrastructure Development of States for Exports (ASIDE) is formulated to encourage participate in promoting exports, and is administered by Department of Commerce (DoC). Objectives of ASIDE include:

  1. Developing infrastructure such as roads connecting production centers with ports,
  2. Setting up of Inland Container Depots (ICD) and Container Freight Stations (CFS),
  3. Creation of new State level export promotion industrial parks/ zones,
  4. Augmenting common facilities in existing zones,
  5. Equity participation in infrastructure projects,
  6. Development of minor ports and jetties,
  7. Assistance in setting up of common effluent treatment facilities,
  8. Stabilizing power supply, and
  9. Any other activity as may be notified by DoC.
  10. Details of ASIDE are available at commerce ministry website.

A whole range of activities can be funded under MAI scheme. These include, amongst others,

  1. Market studies
  2. Setting up of showroom / warehouse,
  3. Sales promotion campaigns,
  4. International departmental stores,
  5. Publicity campaigns,
  6. Participation in international trade fairs,
  7. Brand promotion,
  8. Registration charges for pharmaceuticals, and term export promotion efforts with sharp focus on a country / product,
  9. Testing charges for engineering products.

Each of these export promotion activities can receive financial assistance from Government ranging from 25% to 100% of total cost depending upon activity and implementing agency.

Marketing Development Assistance (MDA)

MDA Scheme is intended to provide financial assistance for a range of export promotion activities implemented by EPCs, ITAs on a regular basis every year. The scheme is administered by DoC.

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